Emi Nakamura And #WomenInEconomics

On 2 May, it was announced that the economist, Emi Nakamura (Berkeley), had earned the John Bates Clark Medal, an annually-awarded prize which enjoys similar prestige among young American economists as the Yrjö Jahnsson Award does among young European economists. While myself being an enthusiastic follower of the "credibility revolution" within microeconomics - which can … Continue reading Emi Nakamura And #WomenInEconomics

Dismantling Myths About Parenthood With New Data

https://nyti.ms/2vecHgC A recent piece on the New York Times by the economist, Emily Oster (Brown), briefly introduces her upcoming book about how common feelings of guilt among young parents - often transferred down by society and its gold standards of ideal parenthood - are refutable by new data-driven evidence suggesting that the feelings of guilt … Continue reading Dismantling Myths About Parenthood With New Data

Economics Is Not At A Stalemate

“Economics Now Points Away From the Laissez-Faire Approach”: This recent interview of the economist, Sureish Naidu (Columbia), briefly summarises all the reasons why economics these days has a lot more to contribute to the policy world, and that the (mistaken) conflation of economics with "neoliberalism" should be entering its final days. Here's a few quotes … Continue reading Economics Is Not At A Stalemate

Pro-Social Incentives And Skills In The Public Sector

Yesterday was a fantastic day for applied microeconmists, and which further reminded me of the very reasons why I eventually seek to become one. The European Economic Association (EEA) announced that the 2019 Yrjö Jahnsson Award, a prestigious bi-annual prize awarded to European economists under the age of 45, went to Oriana Bandiera (LSE) and … Continue reading Pro-Social Incentives And Skills In The Public Sector

Current Readings & Alan Krueger (1960-2019)

I've recently benefited greatly from using all the resources available at the LSE to refresh myself with some academic literature. Here's a few works that I've been reading: Rodrik, D. (2015). "Economics Rules: The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science". New York: W.W. Norton & Company. Morjaria, A. (2014). "Is Democracy Detrimental for the … Continue reading Current Readings & Alan Krueger (1960-2019)