35 years of reform

In the past week, Vietnam's 13th Communist Party Congress has been taking place. It is also 35 years ago since the country's reform era (officially termed "renovation" or Đổi mới) was launched during the 6th Communist Party Congress. A former editor-in-chief of Communist Review, the party's flagship journal, said that this congress should be viewed … Continue reading 35 years of reform

The lost conservative mind

"The Coronavirus and the Conservative Mind" by Rous Douthat is worth reading, as a brief observation of the varying (and rather lost) "conservative" responses to COVID-19, though it centers on American conservatism. In terms of British conservatism, "Why coronavirus has deepened the crisis of the conservative mind" by Paul Mason also recently echoed this observation. … Continue reading The lost conservative mind

Pandemic responses for developing countries

Spending time in self-isolation in foreign land has naturally triggered me to quietly observe the variety of pandemic responses being executed, either directly through my own observations (in Indonesia) or indirectly through regular conversations with colleagues who come from different parts of the world. These days, my way to show my care for someone that … Continue reading Pandemic responses for developing countries

A week of applied microeconomics

It has been a great week of recognition for the field of applied microeconomics, especially for people working in the intersections of development economics and political economy. Yesterday, it was announced that Melissa Dell, an applied microeconomist, was awarded this year's John Bates Clark Medal for her work on the role of the state, institutions, … Continue reading A week of applied microeconomics