Welcome! This personal blog is dedicated to reflections with myself and readers about matters that I am passionate and think deeply about while pursuing my daily professional responsibilities. I will be writing mostly about the following matters:

  • Economics
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Society
  • Paper and book reviews

“Free-spirited” writing is one of the things that makes me feel alive and free. I am quite dedicated to understanding society and its complexities through the lenses of economics, especially by using empirical tools and principles of (applied) microeconomics to study important questions within political economics, public economics and development economics.

Questions that I am most passionate about include: What make (political) institutions strong for efficient and equitable economic performance? Is it rapid economic development that create strong institutions, or the other way around? How can democracy (or autocracy) be empirically understood in its role of fostering strong institutions for efficient and just public resource allocation? How do we study the role of culture and history in economic modelling? How can many of these questions be understood in terms of incentives that motivate human agents to form certain norms, behaviours, histories and institutions with corollary economic outcomes?

The spirit of applying rigorous statistical techniques as to either complement, or even justify, value-based judgements about what a wishful society should look like is something that particularly drives my unwavering curiosity to understand these questions in the most compelling and logically consistent way possible. As a constant reminder of the needs of gaining perspectives from other fields in my pursuit of becoming a better and humble aspiring economist, I am also a willing promoter of interdisciplinary social science education, from which I have benefited greatly.

I am deeply engaged about Asia, especially Vietnam, China and Southeast Asia. Moreover, I’m trying to nurture a greater curiosity for questions addressed within behavioural economics, labour economics and environmental economics, which are perhaps three of the most important social science fields of which to understand and appreciate more in this century.


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I am currently based in Jakarta with UN Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia Country Office. Nevertheless, my blog will entirely reflect my own views.

I earned a BSc in Economics (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and thereafter a diploma in Mandarin Chinese (LTL Mandarin School in Beijing) and MSc in Comparative Politics (London School of Economics). I enjoy reading and writing, strolling in nature and hiking in Norwegian mountains. Social liberal, previously liberal conservative.