Welcome! This personal blog is dedicated to reflections with myself and readers about matters that I am passionate and think deeply about while pursuing my professional responsibilities. I will be writing mostly about the following topics:

  • Economics
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Society
  • Paper and book reviews

My style of writing is quite free-spirited. My passion lies in the intersections of political economics, development economics, and public economics. My regional focus is on Southeast Asia (especially Vietnam and Indonesia), China, and the Nordic. I also have a minor but evolving interest in labour economics, political philosophy, and moral philosophy.

Questions that I am most curious-driven about include: What make (political) institutions strong for efficient and equitable economic performance? Is it rapid economic development that create strong institutions, or the other way around? How can democracy (or autocracy) be empirically understood in its role of fostering strong institutions for efficient and just public resource allocation? On philosophical grounds, what political and moral values ultimately underpinning an economic development model are the most desirable to make people live more sustainably?


I am based in Jakarta with UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Indonesia. Nevertheless, my blog will entirely reflect my own views.

I hold a BSc in Economics (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), a diploma in Mandarin Chinese (LTL Mandarin School in Beijing), and MSc in Comparative Politics (London School of Economics). I enjoy reading, writing, and strolling (preferably in Norwegian nature).