Welcome! This personal blog is dedicated to reflections with myself and readers about matters that I am passionate and think deeply about while pursuing my professional responsibilities. I will be writing mostly about the following topics:

  • Economics
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Society
  • Paper and book reviews

My style of writing for this blog is quite free-spirited. My passion lies in the intersections of political economics, development economics, and public economics. My regional focus is on Southeast Asia (especially Vietnam and Indonesia), China, and the Nordic. I also have a minor but evolving interest in labour economics, political philosophy, and moral philosophy.


I am based in Jakarta with UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Indonesia. Nevertheless, my blog will entirely reflect my own views.

I hold a BSc in Economics (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), a diploma in Mandarin Chinese (LTL Mandarin School in Beijing), and MSc in Comparative Politics (London School of Economics). I enjoy reading, writing, and strolling (preferably in Norwegian nature).